FoundX launches

Findex launches FoundX, a meet-up and business mentoring initiative aimed at fostering innovation in regional Australia..


Technology Ambitions Accelerate

The group’s focus on streamlined client experiences utilising technology gains significant momentum.

A Partner Equity scheme is launched

Findex introduces an equity partnership model to staff.

Sproutx Launched

SproutX lauches to identify, fund and accelerate AgTech's leading startups.


Moore Stephens acquisition takes place

Findex increases the size of its Queensland footprint through acquisition of Moore Stephens.

The Family Office Launches

Findex makes an industry first move to launch its integrated advisory concept for all premier brands.



Findex Group realises its vision of creating a financial servicing group with accounting as the cornerstone through the acquisition of Prescott Securities and the then publicly-listed Crowe Horwath.

Centric Wealth continues with Findex

Prescott securities joins Findex

Crowe Horwath Australasia joins Findex


'FINDEX GROUP' Introduced

Findex Group is introduced and marks the beginning of Findex’ multi brand strategy

Centric Wealth joins the stable of brands

Financial Index adopts the strategy of bringing together the disciplines of wealth management, accountancy and protection services.


The Wealth Accountant merges

Financial Index adopts the strategy of bringing together the disciplines of wealth management, accountancy and protection services.

Crowe Horwath name fronts all offices

WHK Group makes a decision to rebrand to Crowe Horwath in a move to improve brand awareness within its chosen markets and provide a better platform for strategic growth.


CIVIC added to the stable of brands

Canberra-based financial services firm, Civic Financial Planning, is integrated into the FIA network. Bringing in over $700 million FUM, the firm is regarded as the premier expert provider of financial advice for those employed by, or formerly employed by the Australian Public Service.


CHAMP Private Equity takes a chance on Centric Wealth

Champ Equity invests in Centric Wealth, promising stronger culture, financial rigour and valuable merger & acquisition support.

A change of pace

Major acquisition of Hayes Knight Melbourne who employed 450+ staff and had more than $50 million in financial planning client funds under management at the time.


Findex partners with Macquarie Bank

A partnership with Macquarie Bank is formed. This confirms Financial Index is now considered investment grade and further cements its place in the Financial Services industry. In years to come, Financial Index would buy back the Macquarie share.

WHK Group doubles its presence

West Yates (Nelson) joins the group to strengthen coverage in the New Zealand market. Brisbane’s William Buck extends the WHK Horwath network to four capital city firms.


The group affiliates itself with Crowe Horwath International

A Crowe Horwath International partnership commences giving international credibility to the Australasian group.


Centrestone and Berkley protect their independence

Centrestone and Berkley Group combine forces to launch a new advisory firm — Centric Wealth.

FMS integrates with Prescott Consultants Limited to form Prescott Securities

Financial Management Services (FMS) relocates and merges with Prescott Consultants, resulting in a rebrand to Prescott Securities.


A change of brand

Investor Security Group is rebranded to Centrestone Wealth Management

Prescott expands its presence Inter-State

Investor group acquires both Acumulus and Sanderson Blair, taking the Group to a combined $1.2 billion funds under advice and 27 advisers.

Investor Group powers ahead in expansion

The Sydney office is integrated (Williams Hatchman and Kean), along with others in Stawell, Hamilton and Portland.


Prescott powers ahead in its expansion

Listed financial services consolidator Investor Group purchases Adelaide-based Prescott Consulting, increasing its stable of financial services groups to six.

An Investor Group first

The first New Zealand acquisition of Cook Adam & Co saw Investor Group dominate the South Island. The leading firms of Mahoney Gavens (Colac), Laverty Roche & Kelly (Dalby) and Archer Witham (Hamilton) saw significant regional expansion, whilst Prescott Consultants (Adelaide) saw the establishment of a premier financial planning brand.


The Merger & Acquisition strategy begins

Three small businesses with one common goal merge together. This is the beginning of the merger and acquisition strategy of FIWA for the next 10 years.

A number of rich histories are pinned to the new Group

Cameron Kirk Rose (Armidale), the largest regional accountancy firm in Australia at the time, was among the first acquisitions. Day Neilson (Geelong) and Garrotts (Launceston), with histories stemming from the early 1900s, Darcy Kennedy (Dubbo), Walker Partners (Toowoomba), Cressy Lynch (Gold Coast) and Rutherfords (Lismore) were also added to the impressive list for the year.


Investor Security Group
is established

Robert Keavney, along wih his wife Glenese, open the doors of Investor Security Group.

The beginning of a long-term strategy

The transition was achieved by acquisition of 12 accounting practices over both 1998 and 1999. The most significant of these Armitage Downie (Gippsland and Yarra Valley), Accountancy One Smith Read (Melbourne), Supermaster (Melbourne), Thomsons (Mildura) and Spectrum (Melbourne), this established the group's long-term strategy of achieving scale and operational efficiency.


A shift in focus

Managing Director Kevin White presented the idea of transitioning WBCM Consultants from an engineering and surveyancing company to one with a financial services focus. He subsequently sourced funding and commenced acquisition.


WBCM Consultants is formed

Crowe Horwath started off life as an engineering and surveying company, namely WBCM Consultants.


Systems and process becomes FIWA’s bedrock

Financial Index embarks on the journey of building systems and process which would hold the business in good stead for years to come.


An Idea is Born

The birth of a business designed to offer clients a way to best manage their financial servicing needs, in one place; an index of financial services.

The start of a local affair

Pembroke Financial Planners establishes itself in Adelaide, the first of its kind to introduce fee-based advice.